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Bathroom Remodel For Seniors

Designing Safe Bathrooms for Seniors

One of the most important aspects of remodeling a bathroom for seniors is designing it with their needs in mind. Specifically, we have to make sure that whoever uses this space can get around easily and safely without assistance from others. This means including grab bars or other handles at appropriate heights as well as installing toilets so they are sitting directly on the ground and not flush to the wall.

These are just a few of the considerations that need to be made when designing bathrooms for seniors, but they’re all important steps in making this space functional as well as comfortable. It’s also imperative to keep things simple so we can make it easier for those with cognitive impairments or dementia-related issues to navigate the space.

The bottom line is that designing a bathroom for seniors means making a conscious commitment to their needs and including features in this space that will make it easier to use for those who may have limited mobility or diminished cognitive abilities. It’s something we should all do as part of creating an accessible, welcoming and comfortable environment for everyone.

Grab Bars For Seniors

Grab bars are an important safety feature for any bathroom, but especially one designed with seniors in mind. These grab bars should be at a height that’s comfortable to grip and never more than three feet from the ground. They can also help people steady themselves before or after standing up and provide additional points of contact when getting out of bed. When more than one is needed, they should be evenly spaced and not more than twelve inches apart.

The Importance of Lighting in a Bathroom for Seniors

As we get older our eyesight often begins to deteriorate. This can make it difficult or even dangerous to navigate around a bathroom without adequate lighting. A good solution is installing recessed lighting, which is great for illuminating a room evenly.


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any house. That’s why it deserves to be remodeled as often and as thoroughly as possible. A totally redesigned bathroom will always feel like a new home, rather than just an upgrade or modernization for your old space.

With the help of a professional designer, we can offer design services that will work in your existing space while still providing an upgrade or overhaul on everything else. After all, the best way to enjoy something is when it’s been updated and redesigned to be better than ever.

A BATHROOM REMODELING SERVICES doesn’t have to seem like an undertaking that will take months or even weeks of planning and work. We offer a full range of services for our clients, from starting with the design phase all the way through installing your new fixtures after it’s completed.


While it is understandable that you may be hesitant to start a remodeling project, in many cases this can result in an increase of value for your home. This could happen because people like the idea of living somewhere where they can customize their space and make it feel more personal. One study showed that just by adding granite countertops, homeowners will see the value of their home increase by an average of five percent.

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